Friday, April 4, 2008

Modelling tips: specialize or diversify?

‘Every model wants to be a high fashion model.’ If that were true, there would be no need to write this article and if you are ‘every model’, you might as well stop reading it right now. If you are not, you may have asked yourself once or twice what type of modelling you like best and whether you should specialize or diversify.

Whether you are a (wannabe) pro or an amateur, I’ll assume your goal is to maximize your chances of getting hired. If you specialize, you might become very good at what you specialize in and build a focussed network. Obviously, when you specialize, you’ll need only one type of pictures in your portfolio, and you can put all your effort into creating your own style. If on the other hand, you diversify, there are loads of opportunities as well. For one, the sea you’ll be fishing from is so much larger and you will be able to find interesting niches. That obviously increases your chances. Doing photo shoots of all types also helps you learn faster, and become more versatile as a model.

Since both options have their pros and cons, there is no clear-cut answer. Rather, it depends on two aspects. First, if you have a specific talent for any type of modelling, you’ll likely to be more successful specializing in that type. But how will you know? Don’t worry, the people you work with (photographers, make-up artists, styling artists, agents, other models) will tell you. If three photographers told you that you are great for fashion, you probably are. If they don’t, or if three photographers compliment you on three different styles, diversifying is probably a better option.

The second aspect is who you are. Are you the kind of person that likes to dig in deep and head for a single goal or do you feel better keeping all chances open? The first type will be happier specializing, whereas the second will benefit from a diversified approach.

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