Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why Camabs?

The name of this blog is Camabs, a name that I use on most of my accounts on internet communities as well. Camabs is simply short for CamerA AbsurdA, which is the url (.nl) for my online portfolio. You may recognize a similarity to the term camera obscura, Latin for dark chamber. Note that this dark chamber does not refer to the room where film photographers do their post processing and printing, but to the optical device that was the ancestor to photography cameras. If you're interested in more details, read the wiki article here. I then adapted the name to reflect my slightly different approach to photography, hence CamerA AbsurdA.

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Peter de Hoog said...

Geweldige weblog, Mark. Er zitten echt briljante stukjes tussen. Echt leuk om te lezen en zeker die stukken over die fotografen....zo herkenbaar :D