Saturday, April 26, 2008

Modelling tips: Photographer types (1)

Photographers, you need them for the pictures. Most of them are nice people, but they also have some peculiarities. If you know how to cope with these peculiarities, you’ll get the optimal results from your photo shoots. To help you with this, this blog publishes a series of articles devoted to photographer types. Every single photographer is a unique person. Nevertheless, knowing the type could be useful for models. None of the observations in this article imply that a certain type of photographer delivers higher quality. Each category contains both good and bad photographers. The mere fact that a photographer is shy, arrogant or flamboyant tells us nothing about the quality of his or her work. It does tell us something about the way they work though.

Some models may think that there is no need to adjust to the photographer. ‘Let them adjust to me.’ If that’s you, let me ask you whether you care about the result of a photo shoot. If you don’t, stop reading (and you might as well stop modeling too). If you do, why not take all the factors into account that you can influence?

The shy type
The shy photographer is more often a man than a woman. Sometimes, it seems like he is hiding behind his camera. Don´t count on a lot of directions. He probably knows what he wants you to do fairly well, but he is too shy to tell you. If he does, he will tell you in a low voice. Don´t let it scare you, you probably picked this photographer because you like his pics. He made these pics being just as shy as he is now, so he will be able to reach that level again. And maybe even a little higher, ‘cause now he’s got you as a model.

Dos and don’ts
First of all, remember that he knows what he’s doing. He simply needs a little help in the communication department. So listen carefully to the few things he says and then ask. By asking, you invite him to talk. Don’t ask the obvious though, if you do understand him right away, that’s fine too.

You can take some initiative in posing if he doesn’t, but keep checking whether it is okay with him. If he is a male, he may be especially shy to ask for a sexy pose, so try to pose a little sexier than he asks you if you feel that would lead to a better result.

It’s okay to chat a little to break the ice. Don’t just talk about you, try to find common interests. He will probably not say too much at first, but once you’ve found out what his interests are, he might open up a bit. Keep an open eye though, as his shyness may prevent him from breaking the chat to get more serious, e.g. give directions. Make sure to leave some silences in between, longer ones than you normally would while chatting.

Whatever you do, don’t try to reassure him. Yes, he’s shy, and he knows he is. He was just hoping you wouldn’t notice. Or hoping that you wouldn’t mind. Or whatever. By focusing on his shyness, you give him the impression that it bothers you, and he’ll become even more insecure. What you can do, is compliment on his work. If he has his portfolio with him or if you are looking back pics from earlier in the shoot, say you like the pics and love his style.

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