Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finally: something new on CamerA AbsurdA

I've been busy. You can tell that by the frequency of my postings here. You can tell that by my utter silence at most of the communities I visit and by the lack of new things on my main web site. I picked up shooting models again. Did a shoot in February, but that didn't work out. Not the right theme, not the right combination of people. Results were okay, but nothing spectacular. That's fine, these things happen.

I had a large shoot planned, mid March. I had already found a location, the female model and the Make up artist. About a week before the shoot, I felt that the communication between me and the model wasn't great. I had to tell her no and find a new one on short notice. And I did. And a damned good one too! Ofcourse, we'll never know how it would have turned out with the other model, but working with Nadine was just great! She hardly needs directions, knows rightaway what to do and has great expressions available.

The shoot, labelled "Queen of the Reich" after the epic metal song, shows the contrast between the traditional horror view, with the damsel in distress, and the alternative approach, where the Queen rules the Realm of darkness. I like a little twist, you know. Both versions are online now, go check 'm out. Enjoy!

Some fun facts about the song