Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Modelling tips: Photographer Types (2)

Photographers, you need them for the pictures. Most of them are nice people, but they also have some peculiarities. If you know how to cope with these peculiarities, you’ll get the optimal results from your photo shoots. To help you with this, this blog publishes a series of articles devoted to photographer types. Every single photographer is a unique person. Nevertheless, knowing the type could be useful for models. None of the observations in this article imply that a certain type of photographer delivers higher quality. Each category contains both good and bad photographers. The mere fact that a photographer is shy, arrogant or flamboyant tells us nothing about the quality of his or her work. It does tell us something about the way they work though.

Some models may think that there is no need to adjust to the photographer. ‘Let them adjust to me.’ If that’s you, let me ask you whether you care about the result of a photo shoot. If you don’t, stop reading (and you might as well stop modeling too). If you do, why not take all the factors into account that you can influence?

The flamboyant type
The flamboyant photographer dazzles into the room, spreading an air of self esteem. He or she talks a lot, mainly about some person called ‘me’ and does not seem to take the shoot too seriously. He or she does give directions, somewhere in between all the small talk. If the flamboyant photographer is of the opposite sex, he/she might even flirt a little with the model. This type is great for inexperienced models, the shoot will go smoothly, stress will flow away with the stream of words and directions come naturally. On the other hand, the endless bragging may become a little tiresome after some time.

Dos and don’ts
The easy and right thing to do is just go with the flow. Respond to his talks, admire the great things he says he has done and brag a little about yourself as well. Do however keep in mind that you are here to shoot, not to chat. It’s great to have a relaxed atmosphere during your shoot, but it is still a serious matter.

Make sure you have made some pretty clear appointments in your deal with this photographer. Especially when you do a TFP/TFCD-shoot, make sure he keeps his part of the deal. It’s not bad will, but flamboyant photographers tend to be a little sloppy in delivering on time if at all. If he’s late delivering, don’t hesitate to remind him. Again and again of needed. Clearly signal that he is not going to get away with not delivering. No need to be rude or aggressive though, he is not trying to screw you, he is just a bad planner.

About the flirting, well, don’t think to much of it. It’s probably just his way with women (or her way with men) in general and has nothing to do with you. Of course, you still set your own boundaries, but don’t be too afraid (or hopeful) of his intentions towards you. He is just going to shoot you.

Other types
The intuitive type
The artist
The shy type
The technical type
The arrogant type
The Ex-model

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