Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Landmark @ Somewhere

Suppose you’re visiting the famous place Somewhere. Obviously, since you’re there, you will visit the equally famous Landmark, as it is conveniently located just outside somewhere. And when you visit Landmark, you would be a silly photographer to go home without a picture of it, right? So, there you stand, at a pretty spot, just near Landmark, aiming your camera. Around you, you see about a zillion tourists doing exactly that, from about the same viewpoint. Now you know, you are not going to take a very original picture.

Nothing wrong with standard pics, I am not saying that. You are not only a photographer, you are also a tourist. And you want something to remind you of the famous places you visit. But still. You also want a more or less special picture of Landmark, a picture that is really yours. Take a good look around you, the solution is probably closer than you think.

Free high res version of this picture

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