Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hidden city: it should be here somewhere

DPChallenge is a nice webcomunity built around themed photo contests. I participate in these challenges every now and then, and at one time I entered this picture for a challenge themed `The Hidden City´. There was a slight problem though. The city in this picture was so well hidden that many people did not recognize it and voted low. So the pic scored pretty low in the Challenge, but it did win an OOBIE, which is an unoffical award for an Out-Of-the-Box entry. After the challenge ended, a lot of people appologized for not recognizing the city and voting low. Click on the picture to see the picture in its original context at the DPChallenge website. To really appreciate (and relive) the story, read the comments from the bottom to the top.

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Anonymous said...

Great. had to look twice though.