Thursday, July 17, 2008

modeling tips: Get an agent (why?)

Some models simply make it on their own. Some models simply have the business skills an talents to make it as a freelance model. Other models need an agency to get their things done. But even if you have the talent to be a great freelance model, you might want to consider signing up with an agency. Here’s why.

No hassle
Let me guess. You want to focus on modeling, not on paperwork, sending bills, calling photographers to send your TFP-pictures, finding clients and so on and so on. That’s where the agent comes in. He (more often: they) takes care of this stuff you don’t want to loose your time on. The employees of the agency are your employees; they support you, allowing you to focus on what you do best: modeling.

But there is more. A good agent will not only take care of the hassle, they will do things you can not do yourself. They will help you build a portfolio, a reputation and even your skills. The bottom line is that they will earn money if you earn money, so they turn their efforts toward you earning money. It is in their interest that you have a great portfolio, that you get loads of exposure and that you get to work with photographers that you can learn from.

Let’s pretend you’re a client, looking for a model. Where would you go? Would you spend your precious time searching the web for someone specific or rather pay a modeling agency to do it for you? Clients go to modeling agencies. So if you want clients, go there too.

Better still, agencies work as a selection mechanism. Clients that go to booking agencies are the ones that are willing to pay for quality. So these are most likely to be professional clients; they will probably hire a good photographer as well, and a good make-up artist. They are also likely to be safe clients (check my earlier article on safety).

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