Thursday, July 24, 2008

modeling tips: Get an agent (how?)

Finding an agent is much like finding a job: you check out what jobs are available, check on the companies you consider working for, make contact, have an interview, receive an offer and make a selection. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Not convinced? Check the steps below.

Google is your friend
It seems ages ago that we had to bring out the printed yellow pages if we wanted to look up a company. Of course, you can still use this book, most firms keep updating their presence in the yellow pages. But you can also type ‘modeling agency’ and the name of your city or region in Google and you’ll find a large amount of firms to choose from. Note that not all these firms are actual modeling agencies. Some are, but some others offer ‘other services’ involving pretty ladies and some are just scams. You’ll pick out the first type pretty easily, the second is a little harder to recognize. If you’re in the US or Canada, check the BBB (see link below). Next week’s blog article will tell you more about things to look for and not to look for in an agency.

Contact them
This is very basic knowledge, but so many models don’t get it. Don’t wait at home (or in the mall) for some talent scout to find you. Go find them! Pick up the phone and tell them you want to meet them. Once you have the interview, make sure you are in time, bring a couple of good pictures and a Z-card (provided you have sufficient usable pics). You don’t need a completed portfolio yet, these guys know how to base their opinion on a couple of pictures, provided they are not shaken holiday snapshots of course.

During the interview, be you. There is no need to act as if you are someone else. They’re interested in you, not in someone else. More important, make it a two-way interview. This is not only about what you can offer them, you’re also there to find out what they can offer. How are their (former) models doing in the business? Can they show samples of the work of their photographers? Does the type of work they provide fit your wishes and character? Obviously, you will also want to know about payment and such practical stuff.

Be selective

Visit several agencies and await their propositions. Compare what they have to offer, and be critical about extremely positive promises. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Next week’s article will also give you a couple of things in mind when choosing an agency.

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