Friday, July 25, 2008

Camabs: A truly global blog

When I started this blog, I considered writing it in my own language, Dutch. It is of course somewhat easier for me to write in my mother tongue and it would have saved me a couple of awkward phrases. But then again, the internet is a world wide web, and Dutch is such a small language (spoken in Holland, Surinam, The Netherlands Antilles and the Northern part of Belgium. Minorities in South Africa and Indonesia use languages that are fairly similar to Dutch) and the world is so big.

I was right. Ooh, that sounds good, let's do that again:

I was right. My blog has become a truly gobal blog, with visitors from 27 countries, from every single continent. The Netherlands and the US together provide 75% of my readers, so the distribution is a bit out of balance. But hey, how can I complain when I have readers all over the world?

Thanks y'all and do keep reading.

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