Friday, August 15, 2008

Modeling tips: Duo Shoot

A Duo shoot involves two models. That sounds simple and it is simple. It does however imply a lot more than that. For a good duo shoot, one plus one is greater than two. The magic word here is interaction. A duo shoot benefits from the interaction between the persons involved. It may however also benefit from the explicit and intended lack of interaction. Much of this is up to the photographer, but the models can make an impact too.

Check the intention
The photographer or client that initiates the duo shoot probably has a certain idea behind the interaction in the shoot. They want to attach a certain feel to the pics. For commercial shoots, this will probably be either soft-sensual or shiny-happy-people kind of feel. For artistic shoots, these may also be appropriate, but the photographer may also have allienation in mind or want to adjust to a certain theme. Make sure you have the intention clear before the shoot, allowing you to practice poses and experession and look at examples.

Who's your partner?
If you can, meet the other model prior to the shoot. No need to engage in extensive pre-shoot practice, but it helps if you know each other and you might want to discuss your interpretations of the shoot. Having met is especially helpful if the shoot has a sensual feel to it. Do note that 'a sensual feel' does not have to depict sex or nudity. The sensual feel is often limited to suggestion. This still requires convincing interaction between the models, probably even more than in the case where nudity would be inolved.

Be an actor
Knowing the intended feel and knowing your partner, it all comes down to your acting abilities. If you have no acting experience, use your imagination. Pretend to be in love if that's the theme, and imagine how you would act. Copying the examples you have looked at in advance may also help. Make sure you make eye contact with the other model (unless the photographer explictly asks you not to). If the other model is more experienced, let him or her lead you and try to follow. You can copy parts of what he/she does, but don't copy all of it. The photographer hired two models, not a model and a mirror.

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