Thursday, August 14, 2008

Midlife crisis

I think I need your help here, dear readers. In a little less than five months, I will turn 40. So it is about time I picked my peculiarity for my midlife crisis. I already ride a motorbike, so that's no option, and I won't consider a convertible untill my mid-50s or so. I thought of dating younger women, but my wife told me that's very much out of fashion these days. No idea where she got that from, but I'll follow her advise, 'cause that's what I allways do.

That still leaves me without a clue where to devote my midlife crisis. I started loosing weight as a kind of no-regret-policy. This gives me the opportunity to switch to some kind of extreme sport once the midlife crisis kicks in, or go after the younger... oh no, that was not an option.

But then what? Say I reach my 40th birthday at a kind-of-healthy weight? What's next? Becoming annorexic is not my kind of thing and I know nothing about all these extreme sports or anything. Please advise me, help me find a typical midlife crisis type of hobby. Thanks!

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