Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Modeling tips: Don’t count on the photographer

When you plan a shoot with a photographer, a couple of things should be arranged. In most cases, the photographer takes care of those, since he is the one responsible for the final result. But wait, photographers are people too. Some photographers may forget things, and some are simply sloppy planners. Being good at taking pictures is no guarantee for organizational talent, is it? So take a couple of measures, just in case the photographer forgets.

Contact the make up artist
I am assuming you or the photographer have arranged for a make up artist at the shoot. Maybe even a styling artist and a hairdresser. Contact them a couple of days before the shoot. Nothing special, just briefly discuss their plans and how it fits into the theme of the shoot. If you have any special wishes, discuss them too. Don’t try to take over the organization here, you are just calling out of curiosity. And to remind them that they need to contact the photographer if there are some details left that need coordination. But you won’t tell that of course, you are just curious and enthusiastic. Your call will make them think of those details though.

Bring stuff
No, you don’t have to bring a camera, I am pretty confident the photographer will not forget this item. I’m less sure about some other stuff though. First of all, bring plenty of clothes. Both within and outside the theme of the shoot. Even if the photographer or styling artist promised to bring clothes or if you are doing a nude shoot, your clothes may come in handy. What if you got some studio time left after the shoot or if something goes terribly wrong with the clothes provided? You’ll be more than happy to have brought that lovely dress. For similar reasons, you should bring your own make-up. This comes in handy if the make-up artist is stuck in traffic or does not show up at all (this does happen, sadly enough).

Also bring some food and drinks. If the shoot is in the photographers own studio, drinks are likely to be present, but you never know. Besides, it gives you the advantage of drinking whatever you want to drink and the gesture is often well appreciated by the other people participating in the sho

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