Friday, June 13, 2008

Meet Mr. Peacock

There is a small city farm fairly close to where I live. I take my kids there quite often, to give them some sense of where food comes from. And it's fun too. The farm has quite a number of pets and small livestock, such as rabits, chicken, sheep and goats, and even two large pigs.

The farm also houses a male peacock with two females. When spring comes, his feathers are marvelous and one can hear his loud screaming a couple of blocks away. This fellow does all he can to impress both females. They hardly seem interested though. Last year, after several careful approaches, he allowed me to come close enough to use my 35 and 50mm primes on him. This year, my two year old son is too loud and too fast and way too interested in this loud and colorful bird. There is no way to get near the peacock without my son chasing it away, so I'll stick to the 90mm instead.

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