Monday, December 28, 2009

An archeologist is born

I like to try something new here. Normally, when I get a new idea, I sit on it for months and tell no one about it. It needs time to grow and ripen. I often make small adjustments to it over time, or leave it as is for weeks and then change it dramatically. It all depends on so many things: Moods, models and MUA's I meet or work from others that I happen to see. It may even depend on things I read in the paper or see on tv. Or on the street for that matter.

This time, I'll do it a bit different. I will not just sit on the idea, I will share the developments with you, my readers. I will call the new idea 'the archeologist'. In fact, it is anything but new. Some time ago, I developed a whole series of shoots, called Earth people. For this series, I constructed a table where models could stand in, that would be covered with earth. I started the series, but I did only one of the shoots I designed, the Gardener. That shoot, featuring Nicky, worked out well, but I found that the static nature of the table did not work out well. So I abbandonned the idea.
A couple of days ago, I was taking a shower, and somehow thought back of one of the themes of Earth people; the archeologist. Okay, the static table did not work out, but why abbandon the entire idea? If I find a nice backdrop and a couple of props, this would still be a great theme for a studio shoot. And think of a lighting plan of course. Think of how light falls inside a pyramid! Not that I've ever been in one, but we're talking clihces here, not realism.
That's it for now, but I'll keep you posted on the developments in the coming weeks.

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