Thursday, November 12, 2009

Forbidden love

It is a classic, maybe even the classic, drama theme of all times. My former co-author at this blog devoted some of her deeper thoughts to the theme. I have been wanting to do a shoot inspired by the theme for a long time. But somehow, something held me back for no apparent reason. Silly? I guess so. But then I finally did the shoot, about a month ago, with ice and fire taking the role of two lovers that can´t be together. Cessy -by no means a cold person- was a convincing ice princess and Terence acted as a great fire prince. Awesome make up by Christine and colored strobes finished the picture.

The picture in this article is the final shot from the shoot. The lighting is more dramatic in this shot than in the other picture from the shoot, marking the innevitable end of two lovers who will never be together. For ice will melt from fire and the melting water will put out the fire.

To me, this shoot marks the end of an era. Maybe that’s why it took me so long to actually shoot it. I will turn towards a different style of model photography in the near future. Curious? So am I. I’m not nearly sure what it will look like, but there is change in the air. Just wait and see.

See more from this shoot in my deviantArt gallery.

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