Friday, May 30, 2008

Roman Bridge

I went to Rimini last April to hold a talk at a workshop. Rimini is known to most people as a beach resort, but the weather wasn´t that good and I am not the beachy type anyway. In terms of historical things to see, Rimini is not realy a big tourist attraction, most certainly not if compared to some other Italian towns. But still, since I was there anyway, I went out for a nice little walk. Fair is fair, Rimini does have a couple of historical highlights.

One of them is Tiberius' bridge. It dates from the first century A.D. and used to cross an important river(Ariminus today, Marecchia). Since then, the course of the river was changed and the bridge only crosses a dead end canal. The bridge is just broad enough to let one car pass the pedestrians on the bridge. The picture is a long exposure at dusk, hence the 'frozen' water.

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