Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is a group portrait from DRSSDTKLL, my biggest project ever. It involved 6 models, 3 make-up artists, and two photo assistants: Miklos and Wiljo. Larisa Katz did a fabulous job styling the models. The shoot was shot in a small castle in the South of The Netherlands, which is now in use by a hotel and conference centre.

We worked the entire day with this large team, using two rooms of the castle, one large conference room and a small bar. We used only two monoblocks during the shoot. One of them (with a softbox) is to the left in front (lighting Clemy, the girl to the left), the second (umbrella) is to the left behind the wall. On the right hand side, the two assistents are holding large reflectors, both in front and behind the wall.

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